Home Auto Repair 2006 Volvo S80 Bi-Xenon Lamps Replacing

2006 Volvo S80 Bi-Xenon Lamps Replacing

Download Safety precautions Always cut the current to the headlamps before replacing the lamps. Do not touch the high and low beam stalk during work due to the high voltage and risk of explosion. Remove the keys and lock the car. Allow the lamp to cool. Use protective goggles and gloves when replacing the lamp. The glass body of the Bi-Xenon-lamp is filled with different gases and metal vapors which are under pressure. Never touch the glass body of the lamp. Only touch the lamp at the socket. Remove any finger prints from the glass using a cloth and alcohol. The lamp must only be used in enclosed headlamps. The replaced Bi-Xenon lamp must be treated as hazardous waste and must be sent for recycling. Removing the ballast On the right-hand side remove the windshield washer fluid filler pipe for better access Remove the screws for the filler pipe for the windshield washer fluid reservoir Pull the pipe from the reservoir and remove the hose Place paper over the hole Slacken off the six screws. Use Torx 20 with holes. Fold out the cable from the ballast. Disconnect the connector from the Bi-Xenon lamp.