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2007 Dodge Nitro R/T WHEEL ALIGNMENT

Download DESCRIPTION WHEEL ALIGNMENT NOTE: Suspension components with rubber/urethane bushings should be tightened with the vehicle at normal ride height. It is important to have the springs supporting the weight of the vehicle when the fasteners are torqued. If springs are not at their normal ride position, vehicle ride comfort could be affected and premature bushing wear may occur. Wheel alignment involves the correct positioning of the wheels in relation to the vehicle. The positioning is accomplished through suspension and steering linkage adjustments. An alignment is considered essential for efficient steering, good directional stability and to minimize tire wear. The most important measurements of an alignment are caster, camber and toe. CAUTION: Never attempt to modify suspension or steering components by heating or bending. NOTE: Periodic lubrication of the front suspension/steering system components may be required. Rubber bushings must never be lubricated. Refer to LUBRICATION & MAINTENANCE for the recommended maintenance schedule. OPERATION WHEEL ALIGNMENT CASTER is the forward or rearward tilt of the steering knuckle from vertical. Tilting the top of the knuckle forward provides negative caster. Tilting the top of the knuckle rearward provides positive caster.