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Audi A8 Automatic Transmission Servicing

Download Background Changing the transmission fluid and filter is probably the MOST IMPORTANT service that you can perform on your A8. The transmission has metallic wear components. Once these wear, the filter clogs up and the oil is degraded over time. This starves the hydraulic pump of oil, especially on cold start ups and causes the pump to cavitate. This is the squealing noise that can be heard. This can cause long term damage to the transmission. Audi states the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a lifetime fluid. This is not true. It is recommend to change the fluid and filter every 25,000 to 40,000 miles. This can save over $8,000 for a rebuilt transmission. Parts Needed 01L-325-429-A Filter (see note below) 01L-325-443 Filter to Transmission Gasket/O-Ring