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Chevy/GMC 1500/2500/3500 4×4 Under Hood Installation


Download Chevy/GMC 1500/2500/3500 4×4 Under Hood Installation – VEHICLE HARNESS AND MOTOR RELAY 1. Identify wires for the parking lamp on the driver side and the turn signals on both sides of the vehicle. Attach a black self-stripping bullet receptacle connector (found in harness kit) to each of these three wires. 2. Remove NEGATIVE (–) battery cable from battery. 3. Find a location for the motor relay where it will be protected from road splash and within 18″ of the vehicle primary battery. NOTE: Motor relay terminals must be up or horizontal. 4. Using the motor relay terminal as a template, drill two 9/32″ holes, and mount motor relay to holes using 1/4″ x 3/4″ cap screws, flat washers and locknuts. (For steps below refer to photo below and diagram on previous page.) 5. Route 22″ battery cable between a large motor relay terminal and the POSITIVE (+) battery terminal taking care to avoid sharp edges and hot or moving parts. Place fuse holder eyelet on large relay terminal before 22″ battery cable. 6. Attach cable and fuse holder wire to motor relay terminal with a lock washer and a 5/16”-24 jam nut. Attach other end of 22” battery cable to POSITIVE (+) battery terminal with furnished battery adapter. (Adapters found in mount box.) Position cable and tighten battery adapter to 124–178 in-lb. Attach OEM battery cable to adapter with original bolt.