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Clutch Service Manual 1995 AWD Subaru Legacy


Download Subaru Clutch Replacement Clutch disks, pressure plates and release bearings, just as brake linings, brake rotors and drums, are all wear items. Sooner or later they reach the end of their useful life and require replacement. We won’t go into the symptoms of a worn-out clutch here. If you’ve been in the auto repair business for more than five minutes, you already know the symptoms. After all, technicians have been replacing worn-out clutch components for as long as there have been vehicles on the road. Replacing a clutch, pressure plate and release bearing is a pretty straightforward affair on most vehicles, and Subaru vehicles are not exceptions. The Subaru all-wheel-drive system adds a few extra steps, but it’s still a basic ‘remove and replace’ operation. If you can remem-ber what you removed, and the sequence in which you removed it, your chances of success when replacing a Subaru clutch should be better than average. This article details clutch replacement procedures on a 1995 AWD Subaru Legacy. While there are differences between this vehicle and other vehicles in the Subaru lineup, we feel there are also enough similarities to make it representative. We won’t detail every single step in the replacement procedure.