Home Auto Repair Ford Focus REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Lower Arm


Download 1. Take away the wheel and tire assembly. For extra data, refer to Section 204-04. 2. CAUTION: Don’t use a prying gadget or separator fork between the decrease arm ball joint and the knuckle. Damage to the ball joint or ball joint dust boot can result. Solely use the pry bar by inserting it into the decrease control arm physique opening. CAUTION: Don’t harm suspension elements when using the pry bar to separate the ball joint. Take away the pinch bolt then separate the lower ball joint from the wheel knuckle and take away the warmth shield. • Insert a pry bar within the lower arm body opening to separate the ball joint.3. After separating the decrease control arm from the wheel knuckle, instantly install the particular device over the ball stud earlier than releasing the lower management arm and knuckle into relaxation positions.