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Fuel Grade Service Manual ’08 Toyota Avalon

Download If the car manual says you have an option to use either Regular or Premium “for added performance” you have to do the two tests, running Regular and then Premium over at least a dozen tankfuls of fuel each, and then do your math. To get consistent results try to use the cruise control as much as possible, so it’s driven the same both ways. On some cars the extra performance from running Premium fuel increases the fuel mileage enough (when driven the same) to actually lower the cost per mile. On many cars it’s a wash − the added mileage just offsets the price difference but there’s no added benefit for normal city driving. And on a few it doesn’t improve and you’re throwing away money. But you will notice the improved performance during “spirited driving” while running Premium in an engine that can take advantage of it − stomp on the gas at the onramp meter stoplight, and you’re doing the speed limit before you hit the top of the ramp to merge into traffic. And it will fly up long steep mountainous highway grades a lot faster when the timing isn’t severely retarded to deal with Regular fuel. If the car “calls for Premium” and you run up and down big hills regularly, tow trailers, have a camper on your truck, run around fully loaded, …