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Honda ST 1300 Front Panel Kit Installation Instructions


Download Introduction: Made in USA This easy to install, high quality, Powerlet™ kit provides a convenient way to access the battery on Honda ST1300 motorcycles. The operator can supply power to the battery (i.e. battery charger), draw power from the battery (i.e. cell phone), or monitor the state of charge on the battery using the Powerlet socket. Parts List: • 1 – Wiring harness w/ 15A fuse • 1 – Powerlet socket • Ty-wrap(s) Please read all of the instructions carefully before attempting the installation of this product. Quick Start Instruction: STEP #1 Remove the seat & necessary panels. STEP #2 Drill the hole for the socket, do not install. STEP #3 Attach the socket to the panel. STEP #4 Install & route harness. STEP #5 Attach the wires to the socket and test. STEP #6 Reinstall panels & seat. Detailed Instruction: STEP #1 – Expose the battery by removing the seat & side panels on the right side of the bike. See the Honda service manual. If you are not familiar with this procedure, have a trained technician install the kit. STEP #2 – Drill a 18mm hole into the panel shown [A] (11/16″ hole saw recommended and is available on our site) . This hole must be drilled in the correct spot on the panel, make sure it is not too far to the left. If the hole is small for the socket open it with emery cloth or file. There is a coil to the left. Do not install the socket yet. There is a raised lip on the back of the panel. Trim this off so the jam nut will contact the back of the panel evenly.