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How to Add the AC Coolant on a 1995 Buick Regal


Coolant systems prevent a car from overheating and freezing. The 1995 Buick Regal’s translucent plastic overflow tank makes it easy to identify when to add coolant. This involves filling the overflow tank and/or the radiator with a mixture of water and commercially available antifreeze.

Tools Used: Tools, Plastic funnel, Water, Empty plastic container, Paper towels

Add AC Coolant

Add Coolant to the Reservoir

Allow your car’s engine to cool. The coolant system is pressurized. This means that, when hot, it can be dangerous to open the coolant tank. Also, the levels in the coolant overflow reservoir vary based with engine temperature.

Pop the hood of your Buick Regal by pulling the latch beneath and to the left of the steering wheel. Buick labels this latch with an icon resembling the front end of a car, its hood ajar.

Release the hood latch by sliding the secondary hood release lever to an upward position.

Check the coolant levels. To the left of the engine block, you will find a large, translucent plastic container–the coolant overflow reservoir. If the level of coolant lies beneath the “full cold” line, add coolant. If the coolant reservoir is completely empty, you must also add coolant to the radiator.