Home Auto Repair How to Add the Transaxle Fluid on a 1995 Ford Escort

How to Add the Transaxle Fluid on a 1995 Ford Escort


Adding transaxle fluid (also called transmission fluid) is necessary to keep your 1995 Ford Escort on the road. The transaxle fluid lubricates and allows the vehicle to switch gears without trouble. The dipstick indicates how much fluid is needed in the vehicle. If the fluid level is at or slightly above the “FILL” line, located at the bottom of the stick, your Escort has enough fluid. If not, you must add more.

Tools Used: Tools, Transaxle fluid, Paper towels or rags

Add the Transaxle Fluid

Start your Ford Escort engine, and pop the hood. Let the engine run for a few minutes, so that it heats to operating temperature. Locate the transmission dipstick near the back of the engine. It will have a black or colored loop.

Pull the dipstick from its reservoir. Wipe off all transaxle fluid. Replace the dipstick, and pull it out again to measure transaxle fluid.

Add a small amount of transaxle fluid, if the measurements indicate you need more. Pour it directly into the reservoir. Measure, and add, transaxle fluid, until the correct level is reached.

Replace the dipstick. Close the hood, and turn off your car.