Home Auto Repair How to Install Heated Steering Wheel on 2019 Honda Accord 1.5L

How to Install Heated Steering Wheel on 2019 Honda Accord 1.5L


Download 2019 Honda Accord 1.5L Heated Steering Wheel Installation Instructions – 1. Turn the steering wheel so the front wheels are in the straight-ahead position. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, and wait at least 3 minutes before you start to install the steering wheel. 3. Remove the driver’s dashboard lower cover and unplug the vehicle connectors. 4. Remove the driver’s door sill trim. 5. Pull away the door opening seal and remove the driver’s kick panel. 6. Lower and pull out the steering wheel as shown.

7. Insert a punch (diameter of 5.5 mm) through the left hole of the body cover, and push the spring to release the airbag. Repeat for the other side. 8. Unplug the cable reel 2-pin connector and cable reel cord 2-pin connector by squeezing and pulling up on the locking tabs. NOTE: Be careful not to damage the connectors. 9. Remove the airbag. Do not drop the removed airbag or hit it on an object. Place the removed airbag in a safe place with the padded surface (top) facing up. 10. With the front wheels in the straight-ahead position, unplug the vehicle connector from the cable reel and loosen the steering wheel bolt.