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How to Remove Front Bumper on Chevrolet Avalanche


The Avalanche is a truck-based vehicle made by the Chevrolet division of General Motors. Unlike a standard Chevrolet pickup truck, the bed has a built-in water-proof cover to protect its cargo from the elements. The front design of the Avalanche also differs from that of the regular Chevrolet trucks, so front bumper removal techniques are slightly different than standard models. You may need to remove the plastic front bumper if it has been damaged in a front-end collision. Certain after-market options, such as body lift kits, may also require you to remove the front bumper.

Tools Used: Tools, Phillips screwdriver, Adjustable wrench, Flat-blade screwdriver

Remove Front Bumper

Remove the 10 screws (five on each side) from the front bumper at the leading edge of the front fender with a Phillips screwdriver.