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How to Remove the Battery on a 2004 Ford F-150


Almost everyone who’s driven the same car or truck for a while has experienced a bad battery. The Ford F-150 is no exception. The F-series trucks have been around since 1948, but the F-150 was introduced in 1975, to replace the F-100. Many redesigns have updated the F-150 over the years. While removing the battery is still pretty much a standardized operation, there are things to consider on the newer ones before performing the procedure.

Battery Removal

Removing the Battery

Open the hood to the F-150. For the most part, Ford places the batteries in the F-series trucks on the front passenger side corner right behind the headlight. Locate the battery hold-down clamp and use a ratchet, extension and socket to release the battery from the battery tray. If the truck is older and you notice it does not have a battery hold-down clamp, obtain one.