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How to Repair a Gas Tank on a Yamaha Virago


The most common problem with motorcycle gas tanks is developing leaks. Yamaha Virago teardrop tanks are no exception. The Virago gas tank changes slightly in shape, along with the means of securing it to the frame, depending on the year and model. Older models only have one screw at the base of the tank to remove, while newer models have three screws — one at the base and one on either side of the tank. Some models have an under-the-seat tank. The seat will have to be removed to free the tank.

Tools Used: Tools, Screwdriver, Gas tank sealant, Plastic wrap, Rubber band, Duct tape, Grease cutting dish soap or industrial degreaser, Hot water, Clean, lint-free shop towels, 1 handful of small metal bolts, Acetone, Knife

Repair a Gas Tank

Removing the Gas Tank from the Frame