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How to Replace the Brake Rotors on a 2000 Audi A6


When brake rotors become too thin or are beyond the ability to machine them, they need replacing. The process is not difficult on the Audi A6 and an inexperienced person can count on the project taking about 45 minutes per wheel. The front brakes will wear out much more quickly than the rear brakes, so you have to pay attention when you start hearing the high-pitched sound coming from the wheels when you apply the brakes so that the pads do not damage the rotors. This is an indicator that they need service, however, you should never depend solely on that to know when it’s time to do so.

Tools Used: Tools, Automobile jack, Jack stand, Wheel chocks, Lug wrench, Metric socket set, Wire ties, Anti-seize compound, Hexagon brake caliper socket. Metric wrench set

Replace Brake Rotors

Park the car on a level surface and place the wheel chocks behind the rear wheels. Raise the car with the automobile jack on the side where you will start. Place a jack stand under the car near the jacking point and raise it up to the frame of the car.