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How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a 1995 Buick LeSabre


Your 1995 Buick LeSabre comes equipped with an in-line fuel filter near the fuel tank that keeps foreign particles in gasoline from reaching sensitive components in your engine. Over time, these particles will clog the filter and have a negative impact on engine power. You can restore the needed rate of fuel flow to your standard LeSabre 3800 V6 engine by installing a new fuel filter. The job requires just a few tools that you might already have in your tool box.

Tools Used: Tools, Wrench, Shop rags, Small screwdriver, Floor jack, Jack stand, Goggles, Back-up wrench, Flare wrench, Ratchet, Ratchet extension, Socket

Replace the Fuel Filter

Removing the Fuel Filter

Open the hood and disconnect the battery negative terminal using a wrench. This cable is usually black and is connected to the battery post with the minus (-) sign next to it. Loosen the fuel filler cap. Look for the fuel supply manifold on the top area of your engine. The manifold is where the fuel injectors connect. Then look for the fuel pressure test port, a small valve on the manifold that resembles the air valve on your LeSabre tires.

Wrap a shop rag around the pressure valve and depress the small stem inside the valve with a small screwdriver. Use the rag to catch the spray of fuel when you depress the valve. Depressing the valve will relieve the fuel system pressure. Raise the rear, passenger side tire and wheel assembly using a floor jack. Place a jack stand under the frame and lower the vehicle. Locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter is in front of the rear, passenger side tire, mounted on the frame rail. Wear goggles when working with the fuel filter.