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How to Replace the Headlight on a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban


Some 1997 Chevrolet Suburbans came with modern composite headlights; others came with the older-style sealed beam bulbs. Replacing a composite headlight is inexpensive; the casing is re-used, and only the small bulb is replaced. Replacing sealed-beam headlights is rather expensive, as the whole unit is replaced. Neither process is difficult.

Tools Used: Tools, Phillips-head screwdriver

Headlight Replacement

Sealed-Beam Headlights

Turn the engine off, remove the key, and make sure the headlight switch is in the “Off” position. Remove the four Phillips-head screws on the front of the sealed-beam headlight. Grasp the headlight, and slide it out of the Suburban’s front-grille assembly. Pull off the plastic retainer surrounding the headlight; you’ll need this retainer to install the replacement.

Unplug the connection at the rear of the headlight. Connect it to the replacement headlight. Place the new headlight in position. Push the plastic retainer onto it; it will snap on. Insert and tighten the four Phillips-head screws into the retainer. Repeat the process for the other headlight if necessary.