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How to Test the Oxygen Sensor on a 1995 Ford Ranger


The oxygen sensors (O2 sensor) on your 1995 Ford Ranger measure the oxygen-to-fuel ratio to ensure your engine runs at its peak performance levels. Clogged or malfunctioning oxygen sensors can trigger your engine lights or cause your Ranger to stall. Testing your vehicle’s oxygen sensor is not difficult but determining the sensor that needs testing may require a free diagnostic test at an auto parts store. There are two oxygen sensors on your Ranger. Both are located on the exhaust pipe, on either side of the catalytic converter.

Tools Used: Tools, Digital multimeter, Socket set, Replacement oxygen sensor

Test Oxygen Sensor

Take your vehicle to a nearby auto parts store and have a store employee run a diagnostic test to determine the oxygen sensor that might be giving you trouble and needs further testing. Sensor One is located on the inner side of the catalytic converter toward the middle of your exhaust pipe. Sensor Two is located on the other side of the catalytic converter, closest to the rear of your vehicle.

Locate the the oxygen sensor you will need to test. Unplug the end of the sensor from its socket.

Set the multimeter to volts and then place the black lead on a good electrical ground, such as the vehicle’s frame, and place the red lead on the oxygen sensor’s wire.

Replace the sensor if the multimeter’s reading is greater than one volt.