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Installation Instructions Ford Crossmember 1935-1940

Download After removing the old suspension components, locate and mark the two rubber snubber holes on the bottom of the frame, which should be above the centerline of the front axle. 2. Tack weld a brace across the frame rails in front of the old crossmember. 3. Remove the old crossmember, radiator mounts (which can be re-installed later), and steering box mount. 4. Hold the boxing plates against the inside of the frame rails. Grind the frame flanges to fit tight on boxing plates. Try to keep the frame rails about 2 5/8” thick where the new crossmember is to be installed. You may also have to clamp the frame flanges together if they are too wide for the boxing plates. 5. Scribe a line through the centerline of the rubber snubber holes around the frame rails. Double check the 112” wheelbase by measuring back to the rear end or by looking at the frame blue print supplied in the instructions.