Home Auto Repair Peugeot Rear Brake Pad & Disc Replacement Procedure

Peugeot Rear Brake Pad & Disc Replacement Procedure

Download Getting started 1. Apply the handbrake. 2. Place chocks under the front wheels and engage 1st gear. Remove the Brake Caliper 6. The brake caliper needs to be removed to allow the brake disc to be removed. Working under the car remove the clip securing the brake hose in place. 3. Loosen the rear wheel nuts using a 19mm wheel wrench with the car on the ground. 4. Jack up the car and support safely using axle stands or ramps. Preferably jack up both sides at the same time, as it makes it easier to balance the handbrake action at the end. This will free the hose and pipe. Carefully slip the pipe fitting out of the bracket. 7. Remove the caliper lower fixing bolt (16mm socket). 5. Remove the road wheel. 8. Remove the plastic cap over the upper fixing bolt. Remove the Brake Disc 11. Loosen the brake disc holding screw using a T-30 Torx bit. 9. Use a 6mm allan key to remove the upper fixing bolt. 12. Release the hand brake and remove the brake disc. If this proves difficult, it may be necessary loosen the brake adjuster. To do this, remove the rubber plug…. 10. The caliper will now be loose and can be carefully lifted away from the disc, taking care to route the brake pipe gently to avoid strain. Support the caliper from the suspension spring using string or ties. …and turn the adjuster with a screwdriver inserted through the hole. The disc has been removed here to show the teeth on the adjuster.