Home Auto Repair Subaru 2.2 Liter Timing Belt Removal and Installation

Subaru 2.2 Liter Timing Belt Removal and Installation


Download Timing Belt Removal Use crankshaft pulley wrench 499977000 to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt, then remove the pulley. Use the crankshaft pulley to rotate the crankshaft to align the belt timing marks. Note: There are two timing marks on both the cam pulleys and the crankshaft pulley, a notch and an arrow. Align the notch on the outer rim of each camshaft pulley with the notch on the inner cam cases. Align the notch on the rear flange of the crankshaft sprocket with the notch on the oil pump housing. Mark the belt at the three timing notches. This will make reinstallation much easier and also insures proper placement of the belt between the left and right cam pulleys. Mark the belt rotation direction, The belt must be reinstalled to rotate in the same direction. Note: New belts will have the timing marks printed on the belt as well as arrows indicating direction of rotation. First, loosen the cam belt tensioner mounting bolts. Note: Do not remove the bolts. Remove the idler pulleys in this sequence: lower right (1-3 side), then the lower left (2-4 side, next to the water pump). Then remove the cam belt. Finally, remove the cam belt tensioner pulley, tensioner assembly, and crankshaft sprocket.