Home Auto Repair Suzuki PKT-045 V-Strom Left Front Panel Installation

Suzuki PKT-045 V-Strom Left Front Panel Installation


Download Suzuki PKT-045 V-Strom Left Front Panel Installation – STEP #1 – Remove the seat & the left side fairings. See the Suzuki service manual. STEP #2 – Drill a 18mm hole into the panel (11/16″ hole saw recommended and is available on our site) where shown [A]. If the hole is too small for the socket open it with emery cloth or a file. Watch the clearance behind the panel; make sure the socket has room. Attach the socket to the panel; use a dab of Silicone on the socket and jam nut. Important: Do NOT use Loctite or over-tighten. STEP #3 – Install the cable starting at the battery through to the front of the bike. Route the cable under the bracket [B]. You’ll find it a bit tight to get through between the frame and motor [C]. Ty-wrap the cable to the frame. Run the cable up to the front fairing. Slip the fuse-holder in the location shown [D]. Disconnect the black and red battery terminals. Connect the ground wire to the bolt [E]. You can cut a notch in the ref boot [F]. Connect the red wire to the battery posts as follows: RED WIRE = BATTERY POSITIVE STEP #4 – Reconnect the positive & negative battery terminals. Install the fuse in the fuse-holder. The center terminal is plus and the outer ring is negative (see dwg below).