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Timing Belt Service Manual 97 Chevrolet Monte Carlo


Download TOOLS REQUIRED: A I 38613 Cam Hold Down ToolA I 38614 Cam Sprocket Holding Tool NOTICE: If only one (1) bank is to be timed, make sure bank to bank cam timing relationship is one (1) revolution a part. Timing flatsshould be 180 degrees opposite (right bank versus left bank) when finally timed. 1. Remove all spark plugs.2. Remove all camshaft sprockets. IMPORTANT: Remove oil from cam hold down tool bolt hole in carrier before installing and tightening bolt. Rotate camshaft flats “up” and install] 38613. Tighten cam hold down tool bolt to 30 Nm (22 lb. ft.). Install all camshaft sprockets. Timing belt by routing it around the idlers and sprockets. DO NOT bend, kink, or pry on belt as damage may occur. A. Start at intermediate cam sprocket and work counterclockwise. B. Make sure the belt is installed in direction of rotation. C. Engage teeth into all sprockets, place rubber hose behind belt at intermediate sprocket and accumulate slack at tensioner location.6. Tensioner pulley to mounting base. A Use flat magnet, tape or cup plug to hold pivot tube in pulley during this step. Otherwise, pivot tube may fall out. A After starting pivot bolt, rotate arm counterclockwise to position square lug at 6 o’clock.