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Toyota Avalon Transmission Servicing – AT Removal & Installation


Download Toyota Avalon Transmission Servicing – AT Removal and Installation – 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove battery, battery tray, air cleaner assembly and air cleaner case. Disconnect throttle valve cable from throttle body. Remove cruise control actuator with mounting bracket. 2. Raise and support vehicle. Disconnect necessary electrical connectors and ground cables for transaxle removal. Disconnect shift cable and oil cooler lines at transaxle. Remove shift cable clamp bracket from transaxle. 3. Remove front (radiator side) engine mount shock absorber-to-lower frame assembly bolts. Remove front (radiator side) engine mount-to-lower frame assembly bolts/nuts. Remove starter. 4. Remove front (radiator side) exhaust manifold brace from rear of exhaust manifolds. Brace fits between rear of exhaust manifold and front of transaxle. 5. Remove upper transaxle-to-cylinder block bolts. Support engine with hoist. Steering gear assembly must be supported in place during transaxle removal. Secure steering gear assembly to the engine hoist using an attaching strap placed at each end of steering gear assembly. 6. Remove front wheels.