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How to Replace the Focus Screen on a Canon AE-1


The focusing screen is one of the most important aspects of a single lens reflex (SLR) camera’s function, as it serves to focus the image seen through the viewfinder. Short of zone focusing (based on the distance ring attached to a lens), it is the only way to tell whether the resulting image will be properly focused. The milky-white screen is located just beneath an SLR’s top prism, and is met by the retractable mirror when it is flipped upward. A foam damper is glued to one end of the screen to cushion it from the mirror.

Things You’ll Need : Tweezers, Canon AE-1 replacement screen, Compressed air

Removing the Old Focus Screen

  • Ensure that your work desk is completely free of small debris, dust, moisture and other materials that could fall into your camera’s body.
  • Remove the lens from your Canon AE-1 and turn the body upside down. This will allow for easier access to the focus screen.