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How to Use Asahi's Pentax K 1000


The Pentax K1000, which was originally named the Asahi Pentax K1000, is a traditional film SLR camera. As of 2010, most photographers are more familiar with DSLRs, which stands for digital SLR, than with older model cameras. Attempting to shoot with a traditional camera can have a steep learning curve due to the number of settings that must be manually adjusted. Unlike most cameras today, the Pentax K1000 has no automatic shooting mode, so fundamental photography knowledge (shutter speed, ISO ratings) are required to use it effectively.


  • Remove the lens cap to turn on the light exposure meter.
  • Lift the outer ring of the shutter speed dial and turn it until the ISO number matches the rating of the film in the camera. The number next to the orange marker is the set ISO.