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How to Develop 120 Film at Walmart


Developing 120 film at Walmart requires some self-initiative. This type of film was first introduced in 1901 by Kodak. Today, it is not widely used and remains mostly the domain of professional photographers who use medium format, film cameras. Photographers like 120 film because it allows them to produce much larger prints, without losing image quality, according to Luminous-Landscape. This film is developed using traditional methods, so like other films, it’s loaded into a reel and placed into a film tank.

Things You’ll Need : Walmart film send-out envelopes.


  • Go to Walmart’s photo desk. Don’t bother asking the clerk anything about 120 film or how to get it developed. In most case, she will not know what you are talking about and will tell you that it is not possible to get 120 film developed at Walmart. However, do ask her where the envelopes are for the film send-out service and where the drop-off box is located. There is usually a Fujifilm sign near the drop-off box. Walmart doesn’t advertise or inform its employees about 120 film developing.