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Instructions for the Canon AE-1 Camera


The Canon AE-1 is one of Canon’s earliest cameras, designed primarily for mid-level photographers who wanted more automatic features. The Canon AE-1 and the AE-1 Program are considered vintage cameras, and they were the first SLR cameras controlled by a CPU. The Canon AE-1 was built for durability, and an abundance of Canon AE-1s are still in use today. The Canon AE-1 is easy to master, has fast response from the light meter, and utilizes lenses that are known for their sharp images and contrast.

Attaching the Canon AE-1 Lens

Remove the rear lens cap from the supplemental lens by turning it counter-clockwise. Remove the lens cap from the body of the camera. Align the red dot on the lens with the red positioning dot located on the camera. Turn the lens clockwise until it stops and the lens release button pops up. Remove the lens cap by pressing in the two tabs located around the edges of the lens cover.