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How to Make a Color Print


Printing images from a negative distinguishes those who simply take snapshots from the serious photographer. Learning your way around a camera is only the first part of a complete process that culminates in the darkroom.

Things You’ll Need : Enlarger Timers, Masking Easels, Cardboard, Squeegees, Tongs
Dodging And Burning Tools, Photographic Print Papers, Developing Tank And Reels, Enlargers, Fixer, Focusing Aids, Processing Drums, Safelights

Making a Test Strip and Making the Print

  • Review contact sheet and pick a negative to enlarge. Take negative strip out of sleeve and place inside the frame in the center of the negative carrier. Make sure the emulsion side of the film, or shiny side, faces up. Close the enlarger head using a lever usually located to the right of the negative carrier slot. Switch on the enlarger light.