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How to Develop Black-and-White Film


Developing your own film requires precision and practice, but, once mastered, gives you greater control over the final image.

Things You’ll Need : Negative Storage Files, Stirring Rods, Thermometers, Scissors
Storage Bottles, Darkroom Timers, Developing Tank And Reels, Film-hanging Clips, Fixer
Hypo Clearing Agent, Plastic Graduates, Stop Bath

Loading the Film

  • Take film, bottle opener, scissors, developing tank and reels into a lightproof room.
  • Organize the materials on a table.
  • Turn off the light.
  • Open the film canister at either end with the bottle opener.
  • Take the film out of the canister and cut off the tab at the end to create a straight edge.
  • Insert the edge into the clip at the center of the reel.
  • Thread the film between the wire spiral on the top and bottom of the reel.