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Setting Up Wireless Metz Flash for a Canon T2i


The Canon EOS Rebel T2i is an advanced digital single-lens reflex camera with both still-photo and video capabilities. While the T2i has a built-in, pop-up flash, it also has a hot shoe for an externally mounted flash or flash extender. Metz flashes are common third-party products with a strong reputation, and the company provides systems both dedicated to, and adaptable to work with, Canon cameras.

Flash Capabilities of the T2i

The retractable flash on the T2i is, like all flashes of this type, suitable for snapshots and autofocus assist, but is not intended for quality flash work. External flashes connect via a typical hot shoe mounted on top of the camera. This hot shoe works with manual flashes as well as interactively with Metz flashes that support Canon’s flash metering system.