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What to Look for in a Digital Camera External Flash


If you’ve outgrown the limited range and capabilities of your built-in flash, it’s probably time to look into buying an external flash. External flashes that mount on a digital single-lens reflex camera’s hot shoe do more than just increase your flash range. Many given you increased creative control and even let you take the flash off of the camera for wireless use.

Flashes do more than just create a bright pulse of light when you press the shutter button. The intelligence built into many of them works with the camera’s metering system to measure the scene and create a perfect exposure. They also communicate with the camera so that you can change their settings to take unique photographs that take advantage of the fact that you’re adding your own lighting that you control. In many cases, different camera manufacturers have different systems for communicating with flashes. As such, you will usually get the best performance by either buying a flash from your camera’s manufacturer or by buying one from a third-party manufacturer that designed its flash to work with your camera. Others may only offer limited manual control options at best.