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How to Get Rid of White Eye Effect In Photographs


the tendency of the eyes of dogs and cats to glow green in photographs is called White Eye effect. Because their eyes reflect the camera’s flash with such noticeable color it can make the animal seem ghastly. By using different angles this can be avoided. Also, modern photograph retouching techniques offer us an easy solution to a picture that already has the white eye effect in it.

Things You’ll Need : Camera with flash (attached or external), Your pet, White eye retouching pen


  • First, the best way to avoid the white eye effect in photos is to not use a flash at all. Try taking pictures outside in the daytime or wherever bright lighting is available.
  • If you are going to use a flash that is permanently attached to your camera, do not have your pet looking directly into the camera when you are about to shoot. The flash will reflect straight off of your pets eyes and cause white eye effect to appear.