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How to Take a Sharp Skyscraper Photo


Preparation can make the difference between a skyscraper snapshot that is quickly forgotten and architectural art that hangs on your wall. Taking good, sharp skyscraper photos is as easy as knowing where to be, basic composition and how to set your camera up for success. These steps translate to more keepers for your photo album and less frustration for you.

Where to Stand

Unlike with people, you can’t exactly tell a building to go stand where the light is, so choosing a shooting location is a key element in capturing a sharp skyscraper shot. For best results, you want to have the sun behind you, lighting up the face of the building. Sun to the side will cast harsh shadows and sun behind the building creates a back-lit situation, which can cause the edges of the building to appear fuzzy. Of course, this can often mean a compromise between where it’s possible to stand and the light, so do the best you can — but avoid back-lighting at all costs.