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The Meaning of the Lights on a BlackBerry


As a BlackBerry owner, you may notice that the LED light at the upper-right side of your phone often flashes different colors throughout the day. That light acts as an indicator and warning for various phone functions. Whether you’re in range of a wireless connection or you’re running out of battery power, your BlackBerry lets you know with a small flashing light. In some cases, the light may even be the indicator of a problem that you should have examined immediately.

Green Light

On newer BlackBerry models with Wi-Fi access, a green light means you’re within range of a wireless network. This is to alert you to switch from your cellphone access coverage to a wireless network if possible. If you own an older model of the BlackBerry without wireless connectivity, a green light means that your battery level is between 0 and 20 percent, so you know when you’re close to losing power.