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How to Photograph Hair Models


Photographing hair models requires the ability to draw special attention to the hair for photo shots. Many options include styling the model’s hair so that it appears bigger in the shot, making it more noticeable for the image. Other ways of drawing attention to the model’s hair can also involve slight changes of equipment, such as where lighting is placed. You can even position the hair so that it shows up more in the shot rather than the face.


  • Concentrate on taking pictures of the model’s hair from the chest up, depending on the length of the hair. If the model has long hair, try to take a picture to include the length of the hair wherever it falls.
  • Take note of the model’s pose. If you want more attention on the hair, have the model look indirectly towards the camera. Direct the head towards the camera but off-centered from it. For example, the model’s head can tilt sideways, showing more of the side of the face and less of the front.