Home Camera Repair How do I Remove the Battery Cover on a Flip Mino?

How do I Remove the Battery Cover on a Flip Mino?


The Flip Mino is a very small high definition video camera that offers image stabilization and can record one or two hours of video depending on the model. The Flip Mino is equipped with an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery is charged by attaching the Flip Mino’s USB arm to the USB port of a computer and takes up to four hours to fully charge. Since the Flip Mino’s battery is internal there is no easy way to remove the battery other than disassembling the camera.

Things You’ll Need : Plastic spudger or thin opening tool, Phillips screwdriver, Tweezers


  • Expose the Flip Mino’s case screws. Using a plastic spudger or thin opening tool peel back the corners of the label at the bottom of the Flip Mino to reveal two screws. One screw will be near the center of the camera and the other screw near the left corner when looking at the front panel.