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How to Edit a Flip Video


Flip Video camcorders allow users to record video easily with just a few button taps. The FlipShare program included with the camera bring this same ease of use to the editing process. You can edit your footage using FlipShare, trimming clips and turning a bunch of random clips into a video project.

Things You’ll Need : Flip Video camcorder

Trimming Clips

  • Unclick the slide button located on the side of the Flip Video camcorder to expose its USB connector.
  • Plug the USB connector into the USB port on your computer. The FlipShare program will open, showing all of the videos you recorded.
  • Click the scissors icon located on the bottom right corner of any of the videos you recorded.
  • Click and drag the tabs labeled “Start” and “End” to the left and right to establish the beginning and end of your video clip, respectively.