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How to Find a Bug Transmitter


Hidden microphones are know as “bugs” because they are inconspicuous. Bugs use wireless technology to transmit audio that they pick up. This makes it possible to locate the bug, since the wireless frequency is separate and different from the other, more prevalent frequencies found in daily use (such as from wireless home networks). You can detect a bug by using an audio frequency detector that will locate and then zero in on the bug once it has found the frequency it is employing. All audio frequency detectors work in a similar fashion, with slight differences, and require patience to be used effectively.

Things You’ll Need : Audio frequency detector, Batteries


  • Insert fresh batteries into the battery compartment of the audio frequency detector. Turn the audio frequency detector on.
  • Stand at the entrance to the room or area that you want to check for a bug. Holding the audio frequency detector in front of you at mid-chest level, slowly walk toward the center of the room or area.