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How to Install a Prewired Alarm System


Prewired alarm systems are actually fairly easy to install. The hard part is already done: the wires and connections are in place in your walls, and in many cases terminate at a plate or opening tailor-made for the system. That eliminates the need for a professional to muck about with your wiring (though you can still use one if you wish). Otherwise, installing a new alarm system is simply a matter of examining your existing wiring, and determining which components still need to be added.

Things You’ll Need : Alarm kit, screwdriver, drywall screws, batteries (if necessary)


  • Check the spot where your control panel goes. If you’re lucky, a control panel may be in place already. Otherwise, there will likely be a small opening in the wall with a series of wires protruding from it. Note which wires are which—each one travels to a separate portion of the house and you’ll need to connect them to the control box properly when the time comes. They’ll often be color-coded to help you, though the precise color depends on the kind of system you have. You should also note the gauge of the wire and ensure that it is compatible with whatever system you intend to use.