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How to Wire a Security Camera


Wiring a security camera does not require a professional; if you are handy with some basic tools, you can learn how to wire a security camera. A security camera uses three connections; the camera power, which includes a positive and negative wire, and the camera signal. Siamese cable has three wires; the camera signal coax wire and two power wires, which are red and black. The camera signal cable requires a RG-59 BNC connector on each end. Your camera came with a power supply which looks something like a cell phone recharger. The camera power supply cord will be cut in half and connected to the power wires on each end of the Siamese cable.

Things You’ll Need : RG-59 BNC connectors, RG-59 crimping tool, RG-59 stripping tool, RG-59 Siamese wire, BNC barrel, Wire cutter, Standard wire crimp tool, 22-16 AWG insulated butt splice connectors, Electrical tape