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How to Get an IP Address for an Internet Camera


Securing an IP address is vital for viewing your camera footage on the Internet. You can use it to log into your camera remotely and to monitor any activity going on in your home or business through a wireless network.


  • Connect the camera to a router and turn it on. Run the CD that came with the camera. Change the IP address to one that is static in the same subnet as your home’s wireless network. Change the last digits to match your router’s specifications from 2-100 or 100-150.
  • Once the IP address is confirmed, you will go to the camera’s web site and enter the login and password information. When you’ve finished logging in, click Network, then Wireless to arrange the settings to match those of your wireless network. If your home network is password protected, use the same password, then pull the plug on your ethernet cable from your router and turn the camera off and then back on.