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How to Turn a Webcam into a Security Camera


Most people these days keep their computers on and simply let the screen saver come on after a while. Because of this, people have often wondered whether they could use their webcam as more than just a webcam—perhaps as a security camera that keeps recordings of the room that the computer is in? Or, instead of the room with the computer, perhaps another room, such as the living room when you have a baby sitter. This is really quite easy.

Things You’ll Need : Wireless webcam, Software for webcam, Computer, Webcam to security cam software (Yawcam, Periscope, etc.)

Turning the Webcam into a Security Camera

  • Install the wireless webcam onto your computer and ensure that all the drivers are in place. Without the drivers working, the webcam won’t work. Make sure that the webcam you have purchased is compatible with the operating system on your computer. If you’re running an older computer, the new webcams may not be able to work on them.