Home Camera Repair How Does a Wireless Home Security Camera Work?

How Does a Wireless Home Security Camera Work?



Wireless home security cameras are used as the eyes and ears of the homeowner when he is not at home. Wireless cameras have become increasingly popular because of their efficiency, easy installation and improved quality. The advancements in digital technology are just one of the reasons that homeowners are opting for wireless cameras. The fact that the prices of the device have dropped significantly over the past few years is also positive motivation for consumers.

Connection and Power

A base unit is used to communicate with the other wireless components associated with wireless security cameras. The cameras connect to the base by a radio frequency being sent out. They work similarly to TV sets at home picking up the reception of local networks.
For power, the base unit usually plugs into an electrical socket. Each camera is equipped with a 9V battery for a power source. Monitors and any recording or output device connected to the receiver will either run on electricity or batteries, depending on the brand.