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How to Build Homemade Electronic Spy Gadgets


With the wide availability of spy equipment such as pinhole cameras and rechargeable mini stick cameras, the average consumer can make a spy gadget out of almost anything. A simple Starbucks coffee cup can be turned into a creative ultra compact and concealed spy device. Since coffee cups are generally accepted for people to carry around everywhere, this is an excellent way to conceal a spy camera from view and gives plenty of versatility on where you can bring it or set it down to record.

Things You’ll Need : Empty small Starbucks coffee cup with lid, Awl, Mini Spy Camera Stick, Clear packaging tape, Cotton balls


  • Use the awl to poke a small hole within the Starbucks logo on the side of the coffee cup. By placing the hole in the logo, it will effectively mask its existence as opposed to using the white area of the cup.