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How to Install a Spy Cam in an AC Duct


You may be presented with a situation where you need to keep an eye on activity in your home when you cannot be present. Often the best solution is to use one of the new breed of wireless micro spy-cams. They are relatively inexpensive, and thanks to their tiny size and wireless capability can be easily positioned very discreetly in any number of locations.

Things You’ll Need : Wireless mini spy camera, Wireless receiver, Motion-sensing , CCTV digital video recorder (DVR), Screwdrivers, Monitor or TV with AV input


  • Choose a suitable AC duct in the room you wish to survey. Position the monitor close to the AC duct so you are able to clearly see the screen when standing by the duct. Install the battery in the camera or connect to an external battery pack; consult the user manual for the correct method for your camera.