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How to Stop Thermal Imaging


Sight is due to electromagnetic waves (light) reflecting off objects and into eyes. However, eyes can only see electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 380 to 400 nanometers. This, in general, limits sight to outer surfaces. Other wavelengths of light are able to penetrate thin materials, and if a device can “see” at these levels, then it may be possible to see through an object. One such device is a thermal imaging camera, and today there is a great deal of concern about people using these devices to see through clothing.

Things You’ll Need : TV remote control, Coat hanger, Clothing


  • Understand that thermal imaging works in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum known as the infrared region. Infrared radiation is like light, but it is emitted by an object that is warm, such as a person’s skin. Infrared radiation travels through some thin types of material.