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How to Hide a Pinhole Camera


Video surveillance has become a standard component of modern security systems. In some instances, it is good to have highly visible cameras, which not only record what happens but also serve as deterrents. In other instances, a more covert means of surveillance is recommended. A popular option is the use of pinhole cameras, which can be easily hidden inside other objects. A well-hidden pinhole camera can provide quiet security by recording in secret.

Things You’ll Need : Cordless drill, Drill bit set, Rubber cement, Double sided tape


  • Select an item in which to hide the pinhole camera. Choose an item that matches the rest of the d├ęcor in the room and will not be conspicuous or out of place. Items that can be opened and closed are ideal, since this will make installation of the camera easier. The cameras are small enough to fit in just about anything, and are commonly placed inside hollow books, clocks, picture frames or other common devices.