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How to Locate Hidden Optic Spy Devices


The widespread availability of eavesdropping devices is making unethical surveillance easier than ever. From sophisticated mini-cameras to infrared spy devices, surveillance has become an effective do-it-yourself activity. Just as technology is assisting those conducting the surveillance, it is also benefiting those responsible for detecting it. Many hidden spy cameras and optical devices emit radio frequencies, just as most electronic items do. Other cameras are manufactured to prevent these radio frequencies from leaking out and can only be detected by using a tool to reflect light on their lenses. Some basic surveillance detection gear is needed to sweep a room adequately for optic spy devices.

Things You’ll Need : Hidden camera detector, General bug detector/frequency finder bug detector


  • Conduct a sweep of the target room using a hidden camera detector. These detectors are designed to emit bright LED light circled around a viewfinder. While a person looks through the viewfinder, light reflects off the lens of a hidden camera, revealing its location. Sweeps can be done by griding a room into sections or by simply starting at one corner and moving inward in concentric circles until the area has been covered.