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How to Identify Cameras in Hotel Rooms


Worrying about whether you are being spied on in a hotel room can spoil your comfort and relaxation. While no search is foolproof, you can take some measures to try to detect hidden spy cameras and recording equipment. Deciding which measures to use depends how strong your concern is, and how much you are willing to disrupt your stay to carry out a search.

Eyes and Ears

The simplest starting point is to look and listen for recording devices. An infographic from All Safe Alarms, which manufactures CCTV equipment, suggests turning off all lights and looking for small red or green lights; these could indicate “power on” LED indicators for recording equipment. Another suggestion is to look for out-of-place dots or holes in walls and furniture casing which could indicate a hidden camera behind it. You can also turn off all electrical equipment, including air conditioning and refrigerators, and listen for unexplained buzzing or clicking that could indicate recording devices. (Do not switch off a minibar or electronically controlled safe, as this could cause a fault or lead to unexpected charges.)